By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

Canadian pop-punk star Avril Lavigne promised Korean fans she would give them ``the best damn'' concert and she certainly delivered on her promise Monday evening. Around 2,000 fans packed the Melon-AX Hall to watch Lavigne perform in her fourth visit to Seoul .

Excitement filled the concert hall as the curtains were drawn to reveal the stage decorated with a huge pink skull and bones banner. Lavigne soon hit the stage, wearing a white hooded sweater and holding a pink glittery microphone. Screams greeted her as she sang the hit song ``Girlfriend.''

``Annyeonghaseyo,'' she screamed, and the crowd went wild. Lavigne quickly followed up with ``I Can Do Better,'' a song she wrote about being strong.

After the second song, Lavigne exited the stage and the band stopped playing. Many concertgoers were puzzled by the interruption, but it turned out some fans had been injured in the standing area in front of the stage. Security personnel asked the crowd to move back and refrain from pushing.

The concert resumed after around 10 minutes, and Lavigne returned to sing the pop-rock ballads ``My Happy Ending'' and ``Don't Tell Me,'' also playing a guitar. Fans sang along when Lavigne performed ``I'm With You.''

The energy level turned up a notch with the catchy song ``I Always Get What I Want.'' Her back-up dancers also came out to show off their funky dance moves.

``Thank you so much for coming to my show tonight. Every time I come here to Korea , you're the best crowd ever. Every time, someone always has to tell you to calm down,'' Lavigne said, much to the delight of her screaming fans.

Lavigne didn't just sing during the concert, she played the piano while singing ``Innocence,'' and hit the drums while performing ``Runaway.''

The 23-year-old singer, married to Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, looked as girlish as ever and smiled at the crowd throughout the concert.

The night's loudest cheers were heard when Lavigne performed her hit songs ``Losing Grip,'' ``The Best Damn Thing'' and ``Complicated.''

The show lasted for an hour and a half, including an encore where Lavigne performed ``Girlfriend'' again and her signature song ``Sk8r Boi.''


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