告訴還不知道的人,我剛上了TRL及The Today Show這兩個節目談我為電影「龍騎士」寫的新歌"Keep Holding On",我昨天也跑了好幾個電台通告,大家一直問我新專輯的事、專輯名叫什麼,所以我決定現在來告訴大家…..

這張專輯我叫它”The Best Damn Thing”…..第一支單曲叫做”Girlfriend”…..這首歌我在二月寫好…..在四月錄好音……我保證你們一定會愛死這張專輯,因為它是我最喜歡的專輯!!! 我已經等不及了!!!!! 這張專輯非常快版、有趣、年輕、搞怪、叛逆、大膽、驕傲…..所有酷的元素都在裡面。這張專輯的現場演唱會非常棒,當初我在創作的時候就有這個想法了! 上個巡迴演唱會給我很多靈感,因為我是一個巡迴演唱的藝人,花很多時間在現場演唱上面,所以我希望我的每一首歌都好玩,要讓歌迷跟我自己都覺得好玩,所以我大概只會放三首慢歌在專輯裡。 耶!!我在錄音室已經進行到最後一首歌了,大概在星期一之前會全部搞定,就來得及過聖誕假期了,再盡快跟你們聊囉。

xoxo avril



Hey guys!!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know, I just did TRL and The Today Show to talk about the song "Keep Holding On" that I wrote for the movie "Eragon". And I also did a bunch of radio interviews yesterday. Anyway I keep getting asked about my record and what it is I wanted to give u guys all the info directly....
so.... I'm calling the record "The Best Damn Thing".....and the first single is called "Girlfriend"... the single comes out february....and the record in April.......I promise you guys will LOVE this record, it is my favorite one!!! And I can't wait!!!!! It is really fast, fun, young, bratty, agressive, confident, cocky in a playful way....all the good stuff. This record will make a great live show, and that's what I had in mind while writing it! My last tour helped inspire me. So because I am a touring artist and spend so much of my time playing live shows, I wanted to make sure the songs were fun. Fun for the fans and myself. I will only have like 3 slow songs on the record. yay!! I am working on my last song right now in the studio. I should be all wrapped up by Moday in time for the Christmas holidays. So I will check in with u guys soon.

xoxo avril

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